Rousell Films
1949 trip to Royal Gourge.mp4

Dougies first steps, Lake superior trip, florida 1954, kay&dougie xmas. grand canyon 5158 McDowell.mp4

Florida 1967.mp4

Joann's Family.mp4

Labeled 1st film misc..mp4

Misc 1951 etc..mp4

Misc. Lewie grad..mp4

Misc. paving Gay st, Paul & Elaine prom, parades, grand haven to muskegon freeway dedication.mp4

Mt Garfield, fix sidewalk, MISC..mp4

Odds & Ends.mp4

Old Tucson, Islohm's House, etc..mp4

The Beach, Joanne Grass Skirt, MISC..mp4

Trip #1 1951 Trip#2 Phoenix Rodeo.mp4

Trips - Well drilling, Colorado, South Dakota.mp4

Trips 1955 - White Sands.mp4

Unlabeled - Arizona, Florida trips..mp4

8mm films scanned September 2020